Class ShopOrder

  extended by org.melati.poem.transaction.Transactioned
      extended by org.melati.poem.JdbcPersistent
          extended by org.paneris.rimauresq.model.generated.ShopOrderBase
              extended by org.paneris.rimauresq.model.ShopOrder
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, org.melati.poem.Persistable, org.melati.poem.Persistent, org.melati.poem.Treeable

public class ShopOrder
extends ShopOrderBase

Melati POEM generated, programmer modifiable stub for a Persistent ShopOrder object.

Description: A Customer's Order.

Field summary for SQL table ShopOrder
id Integer  
user User The Customer
date Timestamp The date that this order was placed (leave blank to autocomplete)
customerComment String Commends by the customer reguarding this order
message String A message to be included with this order
amount Double The total amount of the order (in GBP)
delivery Double The total delivery charge for the order (in GBP)
name String The user's real name
deliveryName String The name of the persone to whom we are delivering
email String email
address String  
town String  
tel String Order telephone number
postcode String Order postcode
country String  
spam Boolean Does the user want to receive spam email?

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.paneris.rimauresq.model.generated.ShopOrderBase
address, amount, country, customerComment, date, delivery, deliveryName, email, id, message, name, postcode, spam, tel, town, user
Fields inherited from class org.melati.poem.transaction.Transactioned
Constructor Summary
          Constructor for a Persistent ShopOrder object.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class org.paneris.rimauresq.model.generated.ShopOrderBase
getAddress_unsafe, getAddress, getAddressField, getAmount_unsafe, getAmount, getAmountField, getCountry_unsafe, getCountry, getCountryField, getCustomerComment_unsafe, getCustomerComment, getCustomerCommentField, getDate_unsafe, getDate, getDateField, getDelivery_unsafe, getDelivery, getDeliveryField, getDeliveryName_unsafe, getDeliveryName, getDeliveryNameField, getEmail_unsafe, getEmail, getEmailField, getId_unsafe, getId, getIdField, getMessage_unsafe, getMessage, getMessageField, getName_unsafe, getName, getNameField, getPostcode_unsafe, getPostcode, getPostcodeField, getRimauresqDatabaseTables, getShopOrderTable, getSpam_unsafe, getSpam, getSpamField, getTel_unsafe, getTel, getTelField, getTown_unsafe, getTown, getTownField, getUser_unsafe, getUser, getUserField, getUserTroid, setAddress_unsafe, setAddress, setAmount_unsafe, setAmount, setAmount, setCountry_unsafe, setCountry, setCustomerComment_unsafe, setCustomerComment, setDate_unsafe, setDate, setDelivery_unsafe, setDelivery, setDelivery, setDeliveryName_unsafe, setDeliveryName, setEmail_unsafe, setEmail, setId_unsafe, setId, setId, setMessage_unsafe, setMessage, setName_unsafe, setName, setPostcode_unsafe, setPostcode, setSpam_unsafe, setSpam, setSpam, setTel_unsafe, setTel, setTown_unsafe, setTown, setUser_unsafe, setUser, setUserTroid
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markValid, reset, setTransactionPool, transactionPool, unSee
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finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public ShopOrder()
Constructor for a Persistent ShopOrder object.

Description: A Customer's Order.

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